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150 USD (Non Refundable)
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Registration Fees:
150 USD (Non Refundable)
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Selection Process
Player Registration For APL 2018 Auction (Season 2)
As the excitement is peaking up for the country based APL T-20, Most of us were wondering about not just one, but many things. The auction/draft process in one such thing. Here we have explained it for you.
Who Can Participate?
Anyone from Asia can participate in this league. As we have already mentioned that Club teams/ Franchisee from, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Dubai, Nepal and Sri Lanka are playing in this league but anyone who belong to the above mentioned countries (Asian) can register their names for Draft/auction.
Where Can You Register?
Anyone who is willing to register their name for Draft/auction can visit our website (Click here) and click the registration option on the top right corner. Download registration form, Fill and submit it. Mail us with your profile, newspaper cuttings, online links (Only valid websites will be accepted) etc at
What is the registration fee?
The registration fee for each player is 150 USD. It is non refundable.
What's next?
Top 102 player according to their submitted profiles will be shortlisted for Draft/auction by a independent selection committee of APL. All the 102 players will be slotted in 4 categories according to their profile. They will go under the hammer and finally 90 of those 102 will be selected for final teams/franchisee by the owners and 12 players will be selected in reserved category (2 for each team).
Where Can We Pay The Registration Fee?
You can pay the registration fees in the account of Eventology Asia Co. Ltd. & after paid you will email the payment slip with name at