The APL T20 Championship is a grass root level cricket initiative to discover budding cricket talent from all major Asian Countries. The Championship is open to all young cricketers. It is professional league for Twenty 20 cricket competition in Asia.
After Successfully completed APL (Asian Premier League T20) 2017 inaugural edition Now commencing the APL T20 Second edition from December 03rd, 2018 to December 13th, 2018 along with one reserve day. All the matches of APL T20 will be played at International Venue Bangkok, Thailand. APL T20 is featured with 6 Countries Club teams/ Franchisees. Total 19 matches will be played at the same venue.
The winners will be awarded with cash prize 1 Million Baht while the runners-up will receive cash prize 0.5 Million Baht. The third placed team will receive cash prize 0.2 Million Baht and The fourth placed team will receive cash prize 0.1 Million Baht
APL T20 aims to assemble the culture of Cricket - with an honour for Sports, Sportsmen, and the core idea of sport.
Team Work:
APL T20 aspires to jumble a group of grass root players from different countries, playing on same ground, contributing their full too energy with a common goal & different skills to make peak performance.
The true vision to start Asian Premier League is to bring the hidden talent and APL T20 purely focuses to encourage and motivate the players to show their real spirit of winning on ground.
Cricket is the one of the playing sports all over the world, In Asia there are the millions of Cricket players has ability and potential to play on International level, But due to the lake of opportunities and exposure their talent remains hidden. In Asian cricket is a religion. Asian Club Premier League (APL) is committed to provide a big platform for the young cricketers and to provide them an opportunity to serve the country through their cricket talent.
We are strictly in mission to provide good cricket infrastructure and platform to young players of Asian Countries.
We are providing the opportunity to play under the guidance of international players.